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We only work on modern firearms,  professional cleaning supplies and our prices are below the normal fees for general gun smithing services. The fees below are only for a field stripping & cleaning they do not include parts, taxes or restoration, If you require a complete armorer's stripping & cleaning,  please add $75.00 to any handgun cleaning cost below, and $100.00 to any rifle or shotgun cleaning cost listed below 

** Note: firearms that have not been taken care, may encure addition time, physical attention & costs **.

None of the costs outlined below include restoration services.

Revolvers - $ 39.95

Semi Auto Pistols - $ 49.95

Tactical, Custom Made, 1911 or Higher End Handgun - $ 69.95

Bolt Action or Break Open Rifles or Shotguns - $ 49.95

Pump Action Rifles or Shotguns - $ 59.95

Semi Auto Rifles or Shotgun - $ 69.95

AR15 & AK47 Rifles or Shotguns - $ 79.95

Tactical, Custom Made, High End Specialty  AR's. AK's or Professional Grade Rifles or Shotguns - $ 99.95 

Our gunsmith is a FFL Gunsmith and holds the following manufacturer training certifications:

Glock Inc - Armorer.

Bushmaster - Armorer.

Springfield Firearms - Armorer 1911 

       Series,  XD Series.

Smith & Wesson - Armorer - M&P Series.

Wetmore offers the best LTC courses in Texas along with the ever popular NRA courses & we offer a $25 firearms transfer fee, if you do several transafers buy a club card the cost goes down to $16.66 per transfer

As a note on transfers': when we send our information for your transfer requests we include several pages of info that the seller needs to comply with, when your delivery is ready for release we will call you, but we are very busy since we are the preferred FFL dealer of so many clients and other dealers to do this service for them & since so many FFL's just can't be bothered with this anymore or charging a arm and a leg, but rest assured we will call you when your firearm is ready for release, we work on appt's only for transfers, please just don’t show up cause you saw it on the truck or it was delivered or you are in the area to see if you can just pick it up, our policy is we will call you and set you an appt.

Call us for all of your firearms transfer needs, transferring firearms in from a seller, shipping to an FFL, legal transfers between two local law abiding citizens... as a special note:  we are authorized FFL shipping agents to California FFL's,  so if you need to get a firearm to California we are the ones to see, California transfer fees start at $75.00 per serialized item, we also offer importing of an occasional sporting firearms from another country with transfer fees starting @ $175.00 per serialized item.

Key Benefits

  • Professional & personal attention by our staff.
  • Secure and confidential transactions.
  • Cost effective for incoming transfers and outgoing when you sell a firearm.
  • $15.00 transfers in or out for FIRST RESPONDERS & MILITARY ( must provide CURRENT ID'S )
  • $60.00 transfer club card for FIRST RESPONDERS & MILITARY ( must provide CURRENT ID'S ) card is for 6 transfers.





Class 1 Transfer of Firearms each (in or out)

Class 1 Transfer Club Card,  6 for the price of 4

+ shipping fees if needed to another FFL if sending out

each  $25.00

 per card  $100.00

Class 1 First Responder - Military (active or retired )               in or out

Class 1 First Responder - Military (active or retired)                 transfer card, 6 for the price of 4

+ shipping fees if needed to another FFL if sending out

each $ 15.00

per card $60.00

Consignment of Firearms


In shop -

Gun Auction sites -

In shop & Gun Auction sites - 

Fee's for all options: $25.00 to start the consignment, + 20% commission on final sale & if posted on any website / Gun Auction sites there will be a posting fee + final sales fee will apply. (those fees are applied by the gun auction sites.

Be advised : After we have complied with BATF procedures and we have called or emailed you, will your firearm (s) be ready for release, please do not just come by due to seeing that your package has been delivered per a tracking system, just because its been delivered doesn't mean its ready for release, please be patient and wait for a call or email from us we will call you asap. We are listed as FFL Transfer Agents on the following auction web sites:

                    Effective September 1, 2010

  Any customer's firearms left over 15 days without prior arrangements will become the property of Wetmore Mgt Services Inc., if a customer gets denied by the FBI or the BATF on the back ground check and does not make proper arrangements for disposal of the firearm in 15 days, the firearm in question will become the property of Wetmore Mgt Services Inc.

Wetmore is the home of the best deals on LTC Class (call for the new online class package) & the $25 firearms transfer fee, the best prices new gun prices within 100 miles